Glia APIs Overview


The developer documention is now accessible in Glia's Developer Portal at . The content in here is no longer updated.


Glia APIs and Development Kits

One of the key principles of Glia is to be an open platform that allows for automation, integrations with other apps as well as tailoring and extending the functionality according to client's specific needs.

There are a number of options for integration and customization in the Glia platform that do not require code to be written (e.g. there are integrations with authentication providers, conversational AI providers, messaging channels, also business rules can be used for automation without coding, etc.). For tailoring and integration which isn't supported out of the box, Glia provides a set of development kits and APIs:

  • The platform REST API is the foundation

    of programmatic access to Glia. It exposes all core functions of Glia platform

    and Glia's own applications/UI such as Glia Hub are also built on top of this


  • The visitor experience SDKs simplify building and tailoring the

    visitor-facing apps and allow integration of Glia into client's digital

    properties. These SDKs use the platform REST API underneath, but provide

    developer with a higher level API which is dedicated to building visitor apps.

    The following visitor experience SDKs are currently available:

    • Visitor JS SDK - for building and

      tailoring visitor applications running in web browsers, Glia's own Visitor

      App is also built using this SDK.

    • Visitor Android SDK‚Äč

      and iOS SDK - for

      integrating Glia into client's native Android or iOS applications.

  • The operator experience SDKs simplify building and tailoring

    operator-facing applications. These SDKs use the platform REST API underneath,

    but provide a much higher level API to reduce the development effort. The

    following operator experience SDKs are currently available:

    • The Applet SDK - for building small web-based

      applications that are embedded in Glia Hub to tailor operator experience.

The following diagram illustrates the SDKs and APIs: